Elevated Cyber Security

Elevate your cyber security with our Silver Cover, encompassing all the robust features of the Bronze Cover with the addition of DNS Layer Protection. This advanced feature acts as an internet gatekeeper, blocking dangerous websites and filtering out harmful content before it can reach your network. By combining Next-Gen Antivirus and Ransomware Encryption Protection with Automated Patch Management, this package offers a more comprehensive security solution. It’s tailored for users who want an extra layer of defense to navigate the web safely and keep their digital environments secure.

Need more protection?  Check out our Gold package…

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Elevate Your Security Today

Embrace the comprehensive safety of our Silver Cover. With added DNS Layer Protection, you’re safeguarding your digital life more thoroughly. But why stop there? The Gold Cover awaits with 24/7/365 vigilance from our Security Operations Centre. Step up to Gold for supreme peace of mind and the ultimate in cyber security. Upgrade today!